January 22, 2009

Top Ten Faculties in "History of Analytic Philosophy (including Wittgenstein)" in the English-Speaking World

University of Texas Scores Well

In the specialty rankings, faculties are grouped according to their mean score, rounded to the nearest .5. In parentheses after the school's name, the median and mode scores are listed. Within the grouping, faculties are listed alphabetically.

Group 1 (1-2) (rounded mean of 4.5) (median, mode)

University of St. Andrews/University of Stirling Joint Program (4.5, 5)

University of Texas, Austin (4.25, 4.5)

Group 2 (3-10) (rounded mean of 4.0) (median, mode)

Birkbeck College, University of London (4, 3.75)

Brown University (3.75, 5)

Harvard University (4, 4.5)

New York University (4, 4.25)

University of Chicago (4, 5)

University of Illinois, Chicago (4, 4)

University of Pittsburgh (4.25, 4.5)

University of York (4, 4)

Evaluators: Warren Goldfarb, Jane Heal, Robin Jeshion, Bernard Linsky, Robert May, Stephen Mulhall, Peter Pagin, Ian Proops, Thomas Ricketts, Ian Rumfitt, Mark Sainsbury, Scott Soames, Jason Stanley.

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