March 9, 2009

Take Your Grandson Hunting

A boy wanted to go hunting with grandpa; but gets a lesson in politics and law.

From the Tulsa World, Monday March 09, 2009

13-year-old Lane Dunkley of Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted his grandfather to teach him how to deer hunt. Grandpa was willing, but the boy’s parents wanted something in return. Lane wasn’t doing so well in school, so a deal was struck. Get your grades up and you’ll get your hunting license. Lane complied and raised his average to B-plus.

So Daniel Reddy, Lane’s father, located a prerequisite hunting safety course, sponsored by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. The available opening was Tuesday night, so Mr. Reddy drove Lane over to the Broken Arrow classroom.

Then the surprise. Volunteer instructor Kell Wolf asked if any of the students had voted for Barak Obama. Mr. Reddy raised his hand. The entire class was shocked when Mr. Wolf told Reddy to get out, that he would not teach “liberals,” and that he would cancel the class if they did not leave. According to Reddy and others in the room, Wolf called President Obama, "the next thing to the Antichrist."

Rather than see the class cancelled, Mr. Reddy, a former Marine, took Lane and departed, accompanied by some others who disagreed with Wolf’s behavior

According to Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation coordinator Lance Meek, Wolf was a 15-year veteran volenteer instructor. "From what we've heard and observed, [he] had always done a great job."

Someone other than the Reddys phoned Meek early the morning following the incident. “by 9 o'clock (Wolf) was no longer a volunteer for us." Meek spoke with Wolf, who did not deny the incident and did not offer an explanation. "It's a shame,” said Meek, “what he did is definitely not all right with us."

Lane said he was angry about the situation. "This was a big deal for me because my grandpa doesn't have a lot of time to hunt anymore."

But Oklahoma stepped up to the plate and made things right. Since there were no other classes with available openings, Mr. Meek arranged a private class just for Lane. "They called and said they'd meet us any time, anywhere," said Mr. Reddy. "Their response has been exemplary. It has really restored my faith in government."
This story illustrates the polarization that is so evident in the country these days. From all accounts, Wolf was a good and reliable instructor who let emotions override good sense. There is a lot of that going around right now, and somehow we’re going to have to find a way to get over it.


Old NFO said...

Agreed MD, but it HAS to be a two way street... And that is NOT what I'm seeing inside the Beltway, or from any dem reps. All we are getting is we won, so FU and we're in charge and will do as we want.

MiniKat said...

Yes I agree that emotions are running wild on both sides of the aisle. I keep wondering how far things will go until more people step up and help create change. I know it won't be a magical switch. There are days I think the people need to sit down with the representatives that we elected and scold them like naughty children. Maybe then they will listen.

Mule Breath, said...

NFO, I understand your feelings, but can't say I agree very much. Before the right can expect very much cooperation they will first have to admit that their ideas were defeated at the ballot box. So long as they keep parading the same tired rhetoric, they will find little cooperation. It was no different in 2000 when the situation was the opposite. Wingnutty recalcitrance is endangering the country more than anything, and we can't have any patience for it in a time of crisis.

Kat, scold them is what happened at the last election, but the right has failed to get the message. Thus they get the "We won so screw you" attitude of which NFO complains. All is not lost. Some on the right have finally opened their eyes and taken notice of the crazy direction the Party of Hoover has taken in the post-Reagan years. See the URL below.

And BTW, best wishes for you. I'm watching your blog for news.

tgtsmom said...

I can only wonder what the teacher would have done after the second Bush election if he was refused service by someone who demanded he "get out" for having voted for President Bush. I think there is A LOT of room for improvement in the attitudes of BOTH sides.

Anonymous said...

What tgtsmom said! Word!