May 29, 2009

Do you love your kids?

There are a couple of interesting blog posts I’d like to recommend. One actually leads to the other.

Ambulance Driver is a friend of mine from somewhere south of the coonass line. He is a fair smart fellow with a heart bigger than his rather plump ass, and he has a young daughter by the name of KatyBeth who I dearly love. She calls me Uncle Donn and it breaks my crusty old heart. AD, despite his other shortcomings, makes a damn fine daddy for my darling KatyBeth. I’d find someone to help me whip his ass if he wasn’t. Maybe several sombodies.

I read AD’s blog pretty regular, and today I found a few day old post about someone else who loves her children. Archangel and Mrs. Archangel are in the midst of an international battle to regain her children. AD is asking that his readers pay a visit to their blog and look at the story. They are trying to raise money to pay the ever-mounting expenses of fighting the legal battle, but they aren’t standing on a corner with begging. Instead they are offering you value for your buck. These folks are right fair cooks. Maybe not as good as ol’ Mule Breath [blush], but still right fair. And they are offering something I would never offer. Their secret recipes.

Please pay a visit to Archangel’s blog and read the offer. The cookbook will be chuck full of finely crafted recipes sure to please, and the price should be twice what they are offering. I'm so certain that you will enjoy this book that I will offer you a double-your-money-back guarantee.

They need the sales… NOW folks… so please visit the blog, preorder a book and offer some support for good people trying to do the right thing for their children.