June 27, 2009

It was bound to happen

Once the hate trash starts it will always go out of control. The anti-abortion crowd had been preaching hate for years, and now we have nut-jobs killing abortion doctors in church and Christian whackos calling the murder God’s answer to prayers.

The Minuteman movement is another hate tribe that I have long said was a powder keg waiting to blow up into full scale violence, and as if to prove me correct, we now we have this. My favorite quote from one of Forde’s email messages, proving that these thugs are nothing more than common criminals, is that she is alleged to have said that she "had a guy" in Arivaca (the town where the robbery and murders took place, who could not only identify drug traffickers for home invasions but also help sell any drugs seized.

To be fair, other Minuteman associates have come forward to help identify the murderers and Forde, the leader of the group who allegedly committed the murders.

FOX News is amazingly quiet on this.