November 22, 2009

Its been a few days...

... since I've made a post to the blog. We're in the midst of our Texas EMS Conference, which means I've been rather covered up with work. This is the largest state EMS conference in the country, and rivals the national conferences. Attendance for this year is projected between 3,400 and 4,000.

EMS friends from around the country are here, and I've been attempting to be a good host. TOTWTYTR and Ambulance Driver will be presenting an interesting variety of workshops and offering the hilarious "Jew and a Redneck" comedy routine. Iowan and textbook author Jules Scaden will also speak, and Alaskan Valerie DeFrance of the EMS House of DeFrance came for a surprise visit.

Last night we had a small blogger meet at Fort Worth's historic Star Cafe. Joining us were Mr. Fixit, Matt G., Bob S., and few other local bloggers and blog fans, as well as friends from the EMS field.

So I've been busy, and when this is over on Wednesday I'll be tired. Unless something truly stirs my muse, don't think I'll be writing much until sometime after Thanksgiving. If I find time to take a few I'll try to post some photos.



Bob S. said...


It was a pleasure meeting you and the others.

I am surprised to see there are more North Texas bloggers then I ever thought. Might have to make getting together a regular event.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy the friends and enjoy the conference :-)