April 3, 2010

The week in Headlines

The big news of the week is the Hutaree militia busts, as the Feds unseal the warrants. I figure the folks who read this really don't need it, but just in case, good coverage may be found HERE, HERE and HERE

Wingnuts are everywhere, and doing unimmaginable harm

No damage done this time, but yet another wingnut behaving badly?

Maybe a nut, maybe not, but all he wanted was a good time

Here is a follow-up the the Saudi case against the sorcerer. Looks like its off with his head

Scientists at CERN research center fired up their new toy, but it could have been us... anyone remember CLYDE?

Correlation vs. causation - there is much we don't know about autism

Maybe they should just leave it alone

The comments are funnier than the story



Old NFO said...

All good ones thanks!