July 10, 2010

Pickin' on Sarah again

…no one who has seriously examined defense issues would make such an idiotic statement.”

This is what Jason Siggler has to say about Sarah Palin’s recent criticism of Defense Secretary Gates’ defense budget reductions.

Honestly, I just can’t see where Siggler gets such an attitude, since Palin’s military creds are impeccable.

Pickin' on Sarah is almost too easy...


Ambulance Driver said...


She's almost as clueless about military strategy and defense funding as, say, Barack Obama.

I love how Biden has also claimed credit for the Obama administration for the success of the military strategy in Iraq - a strategy he and Obama both vigorously opposed when they were running for office.

Republicans have our malaprop-prone intellectual lightweight in Palin.

The Democrats have one just like her one step away from the Presidency.

Old NFO said...

The REALLY scary part is Biden in one trip and fall from the Oval... THAT gives me nightmares...

Mule Breath said...

Thank you AD, and you too NFO.

However, I must disagree on just about all counts. Obama is a lightweight in military creds, but seems not to be as prone as Palin toward scattershooting, and he isn't a religious fanatic either.

Biden, while somewhat a lightweight, is a far brighter person than Palin. He isn't a religious fanatic either.

Pelosi is ambitious and has made sufficient error to cause me to call for her ouster, but she still isn't a religious fanatic so she gets higher billing than Palin.

The problem with the right is that they are being driven, funded and controlled by religious fanatics... which is the only reason Palin floated to the top of the cesspool in the first place.

If they don't succeed with Palin, they will come back again and again with one fanatic after another until they finally get another one (shrub was the first) into the White House.

And you guys will vote for them anyway, simply because they aren't the left.

Ambulance Driver said...

Not so. I was never comfortable with Palin's fundamentalism. I wasn't comfortable with GWB's, either.

I voted for them because their religious views were something I considered a lesser evil than what I saw (or didn't see) in their opponents.

My voting preferences aren't nearly that shallow.

Ambulance Driver said...

And I'll agree that Obama isn't a religious fanatic.

That's part of his problem - he doesn't believe strongly in anything but Barack Obama.

Ambulance Driver said...

And it seems like every time I hit "publish," I think of something else to say. Sorry about that. ;)

You say Biden is "somewhat of an intellectual lightweight, but far brighter than Palin."

Come on, Mule Breath. Biden's every bit the idiot that Palin is. Every morning when you take a shit, you yourself flush more common sense and critical thinking ability down the toilet than Joe Biden currently possesses.

The only insightful things the man has ever stated publicly, he plagiarized from someone else.

My sense of it is, your objection to Palin's religious fundamentalism colors every other opinion you have of her.

Hey, even I'm not a fan of Jesus freaks imposing their view of morality on the rest of the country, and I consider myself a Christian. That's the reason I increasingly identify with the libertarian viewpoint rather than the Republican.

I give you a great deal of credit for your viewpoints, even though they differ greatly from my own, because I know you're a smart guy, and your views are almost always carefully considered, and rarely reactionary parroting of the liberal mantra. You've put serious thought into why you believe what you do.

Give me the same credit, please. Voted for the Republicans simply based on religion or the fact that they aren't the left?


Mule Breath said...

Well AD, the Puh-leeze sounds like air escaping from a blown tire. If you want to believe you vote straight R for principle, then it is my turn to say the same. We've had enough conversations in the past for me to believe different.

You think my opinions color my opinion of Palin, and I think your opinions color your views of Biden. Reiterating that I feel he is a bit of a lightweight, I'd still stack Biden's IQ against Palins without reservation.

The Jesus freak thing is an irritation. Damn near every politician in D.C. is some stripe or another of Jesus freak. Unfortunately, in this country you don't stand much of a chance of achieving office if you are not.

Palin's brand of END TIMES philosophy is far more than irritating. That idiot could easily destroy the world if given the opportunity. To allow such a hairbrain anywhere close to the football would be the dumbest thing this country has ever done.

So yeah. I guess you could say my opinion colors everything else about Palin, but you're correct that my opinions are considered. I've done the research to arrive at these thoughts. When you visit in a couple weeks I'd be very glad to show you.

Ambulance Driver said...

Well, carefully considered except for your knowledge of my voting history. ;)

Get ready to pick yourself off the floor...

I have voted Democrat, and probably will again.

And that's not just locally, but in national and state elections.

Now, the Democrats I vote for more closely mirror my views than the more leftward type that dominates the party. I guess they'd call them "blue dogs," these days.

Still, they had a D after their name when I voted for them.

Mule Breath said...

I don't doubt that. Moderation is a good thing, and if you've voted for moderate D's, good on you. Your rhetoric tells a far different story, but if you say so I will believe you, and will cease debating.

I am, however, quite chapped that you haven't replied to my email query. Do you not read your private inbox, or are you just ignoring me?

Be honest now... I can take it.

Mule Breath said...

Damn, mea culpa. You did answer, didn't you?