November 17, 2010

Interesting results on a FOX News poll

San Antonio's FOX 29 has posted an online poll on their website, asking "Do you think the Ten Commandments should be posted in public school classrooms?"

The latest results?

          1.14%  Yes
          98.82% No

How interesting. San Antonio has a high Catholic population, so we would not expect to see such results. Some of the comments are interesting as well.



Lockwood said...

I didn't vote on this, but I saw links to it in a number of blogs- including, I think, Pharyngula. In short, the poll was hijacked.

Mule Breath said...

Yes, it shows on PZ's place, but could a little hijacking actually explain such a low "yes" score? Perhaps the citizens of SA were just disinterested in such a poll, allowing the readers of the blogs you cite to rack up impressive numbers.

Also, I would have expected the Xtians to mobilize as well. It appears that in this instance they did not.

jbrock said...

My first thought, too, was that somebody Pharyngulated the living crap out of that poll. But yeah, that's still pretty lopsided.

Old Weird Libra said...

When this subject arises, I want to quote the following question: *******************
Which Ten Commandments?
By Jim Myers
This article on ABC News
There is a great deal of talk going on now about putting the Ten Commandments in our public schools. The only question is -- "Whose Ten Commandments are they wanting to put up - Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant?"
We should keep in mind that these were not products of the same time period. The Jewish Ten Commandments were around many centuries before the Roman Catholic Church came into being in the late 4th century CE (AD). In Christianity the Roman Catholic version was the only version for over 1000 years. Remember, it wasn't until the 16th century CE (AD) that the first Protestant churches were established.

Pay close attention to the newspaper articles or news reports about this issue. See which set of Ten Commandments they want to put up. Are they supporting the Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant version? **********************************Many years ago I read a book on this subject, which even through Google I cannot now locate to identify the author. But this question always occurs to me again. Which Ten Commandments?