February 3, 2011

Something not right here

Super Bowl XLV is this weekend. The Packers and the Stealers came to town a couple days ago only to be greeted by record cold weather. It is currently warmer in both Green Bay and Pittsburgh than in Fort Worth.

Something about that just isn't right.

The 20 degrees mentioned by the reporter was the high that day, and again on Wednesday. With a little Sun peeking through the clouds some of the ice melted into slush, but refroze overnight. We don't have many plows around here, and sand trucks were limited to major arteries and overheads. The roads haven't had much of a chance to recover.

Folks around here aren't accustomed to single-digit cold, and we're especially not accustomed to extended cold weather events with temperatures such as these. With single-digit overnight temps and daytime highs barely peeking out of the teens, I've stayed indoors as much as I can.

Not everyone stays home, and the Texan's infamous inability to drive in these conditions becomes apparent. Fort Worth police reported over 200 accidents the first few hours of Tuesday morning. Dallas was similar in number. This continued into yesterday and considering wrecks in the burbs, there were likely in excess of a thousand autos damaged over the past two days. News coverage has shown automobile carcasses and various body parts littering the highway shoulders.

Seldom a good idea to contest the Laws of Physics. Combine the effects of inertia with a low coefficient of friction, and the results are inevitable.

I can think of better places to be than in a snow drift on the side of the road.



Old NFO said...

I'm GLAD I left town early on Monday... :-)