May 29, 2011

Call me Chicken Little, but...

This is a lesser of evils situation.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee. Democrats suck, but if you want to turn the U.S.A. into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia... keep voting Republican. 

Jason Childs is the founder of the Center for Progress in Alabama... and a “Liberty University-trained evangelical pastor.” He has since come to his senses and is telling us what he discovered... and exactly why we should be very afraid.

"… It is so sad that as the people of the world are fighting for freedom, we here in the United States are going in the opposite direction. The far right, under the control of fundamentalists, is declaring an all-out war on human progress."

Eisenhower tried to warn us... but we ignored him. The GOP abandoned a fiscally conservative philosophy in favor of the religious, socially conservative philosophy espoused by the right before Nixon was elected. It was a matter of expedience. The GOP needed the money and the votes... so they made a pact with the devil. Now the fiscal conservative rant is for show, with the real goal being the christification of America. 

The Christian extremist element has been infiltrating our government for many years... long before Eisenhower made that fateful speech as he was leaving office. Nixon was his Vice-President, but Eisenhower would not endorse him in his Presidential bid. Eisenhower recognized from whence the money supporting Nixon came. Nixon lost... Kennedy became President... putting a chink in the conspiracy. It also put into motion a long succession of too-far left politicians. The reaction took time, but the right came back with the religionists even more firmly in control.

The drive to make this land a Christian theocracy has never ceased.  Early evidence is found in the change to coinage design in 1864, when "In God We Trust" was first added. A more recent, major intrusion of Christianity into public life occurred in 1954 with the change in our Pledge of Allegiance... adding "under God" to  Francis Bellamy's original offering. They are persistent.

We turn our back on seemingly minor violations of our Constitution, but these are part and parcel of an overall conspiracy to turn this country more toward authoritarian theocracy and further from the intent of our Founders. If "we the people" do not wake up and it goes far enough... we may have to kiss our Constitution bye bye. 

Each time you hear me criticise Palin, or Huckabee, or Bachmann, it is because their origin and their paths are so clear. George W. Bush answered to "a higher authority." Romney is subtly attacked for being Mormon... something the Religious Right knows would be less than ideal. They want a Bible-wielding crusader.

The Republican party is infested with this conspiracy. All of the major Republican candidates except perhaps Romney are fully owned subsidiaries of the conspiracy, and it is a conspiracy blessed by god. The Religious Right are slick salesmen, and those of this country feeling a need for something in which to believe are swallowing the bait hook, line and sinker.

Mr. Childs has recent, first-hand experience with the conspirators and their goals. Read Jason's story HERE.

The left wingnuts of the Democrats (tree huggers, gun grabbers, etc.) are dangerous in their own way, but our Constitution does not face near the threat from that side of the spectrum as from the Religious Right. The left is disorganized... factionalized... the right is not, and they are winning the battle because they have won the Bible-thumping hearts of the majority.

The radical left is not the answer. A centrist left with a focus on fiscal conservatism is required, and it would not be all that difficult to move the left closer to the center. I urge you to join the D's and work for that goal. It may not be palatable for you... it wasn't for me... but it is necessary. The specter of Christian theocracy in this country is a far greater threat to the dream of our Founders than the loony-tune left has ever offered.

Lets move the left to the right, and try to save this country's greatness.



Anonymous said...

'Bout time we saw a glimmer of sanity.