August 4, 2011

Whole lotta shakin goin on

A 5th grade teacher from the small Texas city of Cleburne is the only person known to have been arrested for and convicted of possession of a vibrator. Apparently she was having a sex toy party and sold one to an undercover officer.

A vibrator sting? You gotta be kidding. But this is no joke. The young woman can no longer teach, because she is now a registered sex offender.

Vibrators have existed and been sold as sexual stimulation devices for untold years.


Ambulance Driver said...

Vibrator stings, little girl's lemonade stands being shut down, and kids being fined for saving endangered woodpeckers from the family cat...

Just makes you want to reflexively vote NO on any tax renewal that funds the police or any regulatory agency. These people are drunk with their own damned authority.

Mule Breath said...
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Mule Breath said...

There are plenty of regulators and law enforcement that they will gladly raid bedrooms and libraries to purge the good folk of Texas of sinfulness, but that is the least of our problems. Before there can be regulation there must first be statute. Statute requires legislation, so the solution is to not elect authoritarians.

The Texas Legislature is dominated by white, male, conservative, right wing religionists now, and the suppression of anything seen as "immoral" has become their goal. Many in law enforcement follow the same mindset and are more than willing to enforce their ”Christian values” down the throats of the good folk of Texas. Sounds a little Talabanish... doesn't it?

The Christian, religious right have always had a following here but when moderate Democrats of the LBJ stripe were the majority you didn't see so much of this reactionist, moralistic, tight-pantied authoritarianism. They might not have liked what you did in private, but they didn’t peak into your bedroom or send in undercover officers.

20 consecutive Democrat Governors starting with James Browning practically blessed the little whorehouse in La Grange known as the Chicken Ranch. Several of them may even have sampled the wares. For over 50 years students from UT and A&M got their first taste of sex from Madame Jessie’s girls, and many Governors and Legislators could be counted in the alumni of those two institutions.

Under threat of a public scandal promoted by "investigative reporter" Marvin Zindler, Dolph Briscoe finally had it closed. Some believe that was the reason the State went Republican in the next election. Many of the folks supporting the conservative movement claim to be Libertarian. Seems a bit hypocritical that the strict Constitutionalists still promote authoritarianism such as this.