October 12, 2011

The persistance of Christianity?

Why is it that when a non-believer confronts one of the faithful the argument invariably turns on demands that we must prove mythical beliefs wrong? In all aspects of science and in the law the burden of proof rests with the person asserting the positive claim. Proving or disproving a hypothesis is a relatively simple process for the scientist, but apparently quite difficult for the faithful.
Literature, history and science yields untold examples of rational, scientific and theoretical thought, but the Bible is not considered literature, history or science. Perhaps it should be… but it isn’t. We might wonder why Christianity is so underrepresented, but clearly it is because scientists, historians and theoreticians reject the concept of miracles. This renders the Bible moot and relegates Jesus to the status of street corner evangelist.
But if we were to accept the claims of divine creation, how would we prove it? If we are to take the whole of academia as guidance… we can’t… which leaves the real question; Why does the myth survive if there can be found not a single shred of evidence for the Christian story of creation, yet evidence disproving Biblical explanations abound? The answer is as simple as brainwashing.
It is not necessary to prove fact or fiction if we are able to convince the mind to accept theory without evidence. The Jesuit Francisco de Jassu y (St. Francis) Xavier said “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will give you the man.” That same creed is still practiced by the Jesuits, as well as in schools across the globe. It was a foundation stone for the Third Reich and is said to have been a favorite quote of Josef Stalin.
Adults tend to be skeptical and are far more able to sift fact from fiction. For this reason cultists and politicians alike strive to indoctrinate the children at the earliest possible age. Witness the ongoing battles waged by Christians to teach creationism as part of the science curriculum in our public schools.
What kind of “truth” is it that must be taught to the immature mind that a more mature person might reject? As humans mature we develop what Michael Shermer calls a “Baloney Detector,” but children exposed to early brainwashing will not have fully developed these critical thinking skills. Children intrinsically trust that which adults teach, and adults with an agenda are quick to take advantage of this.
Christians are Christian not due to truth or evidence, but because they are born into an environment intent upon brainwashing children at an early age.  Just like all religions across the globe, Christianity is cultural and fails to be representative of the truth.