March 24, 2012

Reason Rally

Some reading:

After having been mostly silent on the topic, the WaPo on Saturday finally figured out that something was going on.

Once they got rolling, WaPo continued with some nice blog posts by guests Richard Dawkins and Dave Silverman.

Even the Christian press has decided to get into the act, as apologist Mike Kees uses it as an opportunity to plug his book.

Humanist Jennifer Hancock writes a reasonable piece for the Braedenton Herald.

WaPo is making up for the earlier scarce coverage, posting another On Faith blog this morning.

You knew one of the hateful would have to get involved, and this guy stepped up to the plate. Since he can't seem to get his facts straight (oh, wait, that would be normal for a xian apologist) the commenters were picking his bones in short order.

More later, hopefully with photos. May not be a picture perfect day (waiting for one of the Teevee talking heads to say the rin is god's way of telling us to go home) but maybe I can get a few shots.

Cherry blossoms are awesome. Glad I got here when I did because they'll be gone by tomorrow.



Old NFO said...

Do what you have to, and enjoy the time, if that is the right word...

jbrock said...

Wait until you see USA Today's writeup.

It's pretty biased against the rally, and maybe even a little unhinged in places.

Anyway, hope y'all are having a good time.

Mule Breath said...

NFO, it was a good time. Nice to see so many young people becoming involved in humanistic action. Better than half the crowd were college age with a smattering of high-schoolers.

Ah well, JB, you couldn't expect anything less from an apologist. It's what they do. She accurately quoted the speakers, but then mockingly framed those quotes to suit her own preexisting bias and that of her regular readers. Her crowd estimate was about a third shy too, but even at 20K it would have surpassed Glenn Beck's teabagger rally.