April 13, 2012

More evidence...

...that cops are no more trustworthy with weapons than your average person, and far less so in many instances.

The shame is that it's taking tasers, pepper spray and the Internet to finally demonstrate this.



montag said...

Don't forget the shame of the many people who will believe the students and anyone else deserved it merely because they were on the receiving end of the spray or Taze or bullet.

Anonymous said...

A school resource officer is NOT a cop. And this one will never be a cop.


Mule Breath said...

Sorry Anon, but I must disagree. SRO are considered cops even though LEO certification may not be required.

A quote from another article regarding the role of SRO's in Arkansas schools states:

"The SRO has become the fastest growing area in Law Enforcement and is a unique position that creates a positive image of Law Enforcement to the youth in our community."

Another quote is most interesting. This one from an SRO working in the same school. I do not know if this is the same officer.

"I’ve been with the police department for 8 years, and prior to that I was in the military. Working in the schools was something I wanted to do. I wanted to work with kids and help mold them and keep them out of trouble. It’s been very rewarding, intangibly rewarding."

Your turn, but if you respond I'd appreciate it if you would identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

The name at the top goes as anonymous, but I put my handle at the bottom. I quit signing in to things I didn't have to sign in to awhile back. Google and Yahoo and everyone else are tracking just too many things. I will not help them.

So identify myself, how?

We must agree to disagree. A cop is a cop. If you are moonlighting as an SRO and are an LEO, then you are a cop. If you are an SRO and want to become an LEO, you are a wanna-be. In either case, this guy was a STUPID cop or wanna-be and ought to be prosecuted for battery. Part of the sentence should be for him to get pepper sprayed every day for a month.

BCFD36 - confuser software engineer, fire captain, father to several, husband to one, man-about-town

Anonymous said...

Also, some may consider SROs to be cops. I don't who that may be. Definitely not cops. They are VERY closed ranks about this kind stuff. I consider people without any training in software to be amatures at best if they are trying to write programs. Same thing.


Mule Breath said...

I'm anonymous too but you can tell when it is me posting a comment. There is a reason I don't require registration for comments. BCFD36 is good enough, I just didn't recognize that as a username. Anonymous comments are okay but I like to have something to call you and a way to tell one anon from another. It isn't required, but it does make things easier.

Now... on to the discussion at hand.

You are discussing apples and oranges. Just because certified LEO do not look at SRO as brothers does not mean the public perception changes.

Every website and news piece I've read about this incident has somehow or another identified the perp as law enforcement.

Also, many (most?) either do hold LEO certification or are retired LEO. In the eyes of the parents of the kids in that school, this was a cop. From what little I can find, he may actually have been LEO. Dumb cop, yes, and that may be why he isn't on the streets. We don't know.