August 21, 2012

Let's give Valerie a hand

If you don't know Valerie DeFrance you're missing an important piece of EMS history. Valerie was an Internet pioneer, building and hosting dozens of EMS educational websites over the years and she still maintains the EMS news and education site, the EMS House of DeFrance. Valerie is one of our most important EMS dinosaurs. Over the years she has offered her expertise and knowledge to anyone needing a hand, and doing so more often than not without charge. Valerie has always been a giver... never a taker.

Only a few years ago Valerie lost her husband to cancer. The medical bils were massive and Valerie had to sell many of her assets to pay them. Now Valerie is diagnosed with breast cancer and has no more assets to sell to cover her own bills. She needs our help.

Medically speaking, to this point she has been doing fairly well and has a good chance of winning the battle, but the bills are stacking up. Valerie is at the point now where she is going through radiation treatments and another problem has arisen. 

Valerie lives 75 miles from the oncology clinic where she goes for her treatments. The ongoing treatments have left her unable to work and therefore without income. Just the simple act of buying gas for these trips back and forth has become problematic and is an immediate need. In the long run there will be those substantial medical bills to pay, but right now we just need to get her to the clinic and back. We need to kick in and help her get past this hurdle. 

Valerie has been there for us all these years. Now it is time we return the favor. We already know how far Valerie will go to help the EMS profession, lets see what we can do for her when she needs us.

The widget you see below will be in the sidebar of this blog until we reach the very modest goal of $10,000. This amount is a far cry from what will be needed in the long run, but it will buy the gas and get Valerie some groceries while she makes these trips back and forth. One step at a time.

You can copy the code for this chip-in widget and post it on your blog too. Lets do what we can to help a friend.


NorthDakotaEMT said...

How about a snail mail address since I don't "do" credit cards??
Would love to pitch in a little.......


Anonymous said...

When I first started out as an instructor many moons ago.. I sought out advice and information anywhere I could find it. The House of DeFrance and Valerie helped me so much..Nothing but a "thang" to give a little back.

JoAnne Christian

Old NFO said...


Anonymous said...

My heartfelt thanks to all! Special thanks to the "Mule" for his kind words and fund raising.
Valerie DeFrance

Anonymous said...

Snail mail:
Valerie DeFrance
28204 Hope Hwy
Hope Alaska 99605

Unknown said...

Dear Val,
I love you, kid.
Been a long time since we first made our virtual acquaintance online - and your words of wisdom have always been an inspiration.
Let's get this party started.
Spread the word. Our sister needs our help.
Be well. Practice big medicine.

Unknown said...

Valerie, I met so many people in virtual space over the 8 years of Merginet. You're the one I remember most. My wife Corina started teaching and I sent her to the House of DeFrance for resources that she still uses today. Get over this bump in the road so you can get back to inspiring young EMS'ers from afar.

Richard Bilger

Labrys said...

Copied and posted to my blog. I will chip in, too....but not this week. This week, I am sending every spare cent to help the Sioux try to prevent the auction of their holy ground ... Pe'Sla in S. Dakota.

Mule Breath said...

Thank you. Anything and everything will help. As of today we are ar 30% of our goal.You people are so very generous.

Valerie said...

I've tried to thank all individuals but I know I could not reach some.

Thank you all - mostly for you wonderful messages and for the donation and help!

Valerie DeFrance

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,

My prayers go out to you. May God meet you in these trying times. Keep looking up and don't give up!! God Bless,