September 3, 2012

The Forgotten Feminist and the Reasons Why

Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein died a few days ago. August 28th to be exact. Her death wasn’t unexpected, nor was it much noticed. A shame really because Shulie, as she was better known, was a true pioneer in the feminist movement.

Shulie was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in Ottawa, Canada, in 1945. Her family later relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, Americanizing the family name to Firestone. Shulie’s younger sister Tirzah became a  rabbi and authored books on female figures in Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah.

Shulie wrote books too. In 1970 when she was just 25 years old she published her first and best known book, The Dialectic of Sex: A Case for Feminist Revolution. That tome by this unruly wench, in concert with Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics, the anthology Sisterhood is Powerful edited by Robin Morgan and other contemporary works ignited controversy and fomented much public debate on the topic of feminism and civil rights in general.

This was the beginning of the second wave of the women’s movement and the result was greater freedom and opportunity for women.

In Dialectic Shulie put a very interesting spin on the debate... arguing that true gender equality would be an impossible achievement until science freed women from their biological role as bearers of children. Shulie took a science fiction approach to the differences, envisioning an artificial womb in which fetuses could be grown and birthed from. The infants would then be raised in communal households with eight or ten mothers and fathers.

Dialectic was Shulie's single contribution to feminist theory, but until about the turn of the millennium she remained required reading in college women's studies programs.

The women’s movement of the 70’s produced several memorable stories and considerable concrete result. Shulie’s ideas remain farfetched, yet her death is especially poignant in light of the ongoing assault from the religious right on the freedoms gained by women over these past 40 years.

Maybe we need a new Shulie to step forward. Something needs to happen to hold back the coming new dark age. 



Anonymous said...

The coming 'new dark age' huh. Don't you mean the Jew (sorry New) world order. What is it about these mostly jewish feminists and their disgust at the natural order allied with a desire to be some malevolent Luciferian alternative to our creator. They all seem to want to play God and be as dictatorial as they can be. Who knows maybe her mental illness stemmed from her obviously virrulent self disgust at her womb and her reproductive capabilities which thankfully in her case were never utilised. The scary thing for us concerned citizens of course is her views have permeated into the universities and social services of western countries to the point where secret family courts regularly are taking children away from loving homes to be placed in foster care where they are statistically far more likely to be abused. This despicable yet pitiful creature is not an idol. Her theories are not to be applauded. They should be dismissed along with 99% of her co conspirators as hate speech. Not just hate of men but hate of good decent wholesome decent women. This marxist ideology has no place in society and if it were not for the disgusting compliant and complicit media it would be thrown into the trash bin of history where it belongs.

Mule Breath said...

Ah... a troll. .. and quite the bigoted one at that. Not many trolls drop by my place. Conventional wisdom says I should not feed you... so I won't.

Pat said...

I can't help laughing out loud when people throw terms like "Marxist" around when they obviously have no clue what the terms really mean. What does "greater freedom and opportunity for women" have to do with overthrowing capitalism?

Anonymous said...


Shall I offer a quote of hers. This is too easy but what the hell.

"...Just as [the] elimination of economic classes requires the revolt of the underclass (the proletariat) and, in a temporary dictatorship, their seizure of the means of production, so...the elimination of sexual classes requires the revolt of the underclass (women) and the seizure of control of reproduction... .

The reproduction of the species by one sex for the benefit of both would be replaced by (at least the option of) artificial reproduction: ... The dependence of the child on the mother (and vice versa) would give way to a greatly shortened dependence on a small group of others in general... . The division of labour would be ended by the elimination of labour altogether (through cybernetics). The tyranny of the biological family would be broken."

Yep she really did say that. Hero of yours Pat?

'The tyranny of the biological family..' Isn't this type of talk par for the course with talmudists. They do seem to have this God complex and a deep seated hate of the laws of nature. You know a Mother nurturing her child. I can't help but think this brave new world scenario isn't being set up for the benefit of mankind. Discuss. ;-)

Mule Breath said...

Ah yes, Mr. Anonymous, I see you’ve managed to locate the first chapter of Dialectic, probably on Google or Amazon, and then you copy and paste an out-of-context quote. If you want your argument to sound intelligent you shouldn’t do that. Additionally, the fact that you “trim” the excerpt so as to make Shulie sound like a raving Marxist speaks poorly for your argument and your honesty.

Shulie was thought by many to be Marxist, and in some ways that is true… but in this particular book she makes it quite clear that her reverence for Marx (and Engles) is as philosophers and not as socialists. According to Shulie, Marx viewed history “as movie rather than as snapshot…” and the book is her attempt to show the history of feminism in the same perspective.

You call Shulie’s writings “hate speech,” yet your comments leave no doubt that it is you who are the hater. Please go be bigoted somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I don't like control freaks. I dislike them intensely. The same goes for social commentators who think they can tell me what to do or those who propose a curtailment of civil liberties. I also dislike talmudists pretty much full stop. How many good Christian Russians did they murder in pretty disgusting circumstances in the Holomdor, the gulag and in the dungeons of the cheka and NKVD. This unholy wretch was cut from the very same cloth. All you have to do is look at her demise. I contend her miserable existance sprung directly from her self loathing. Is this a genetic or a learned behaviour in these Talmudists that is a question. The other one of course is how does the decent non Talmudic majority deal with the parasitical nature of these defilers of Christ who are perpetually at war with everything that is good and wholesome. It is a war the silent majority are largely unaware of at present but give it time. There will be an awakening I can assure you of that.

Pat said...

I suspect Anonymous's childhood report cards said "Does not play well with others." He reminds me of another troll I once knew named Dave. I wonder....

Mule Breath said...

I don't like control freaks. I dislike them intensely. The same goes for social commentators who think they can tell me what to do or those who propose a curtailment of civil liberties.

Who is the control freak… and what civil liberties are being curtailed? Are you speaking of your humble host on this blog… (which by the way sports unrestricted and mostly un-moderated commenting)? Or are you speaking of Shulie… and if Shulie… how so is she controlling? The woman was an author for dog’s sake. Shulie was the topic of the piece and I am the author… so which of us is being so mean and heartless to you?

”I also dislike talmudists pretty much full stop.?

Talmudist. Curious choice of words. Webster defines a Talmudist as (1.) a person versed in the Talmud, or (2.) one of the writers or compilers of the Talmud, or (3.) one versed in the Talmud; one who adheres to the teachings of the Talmud.

You’ll have to answer again who is the Talmudist… and you are also going to have to answer as to which of Webster’s possibilities applies. If (1.) then you seem to be saying you dislike scholars. (2.) wouldn’t apply to either Shulie or me because neither of us would have been around at the time the book was compiled. That pretty much leaves (3.) which would leave you striking out. If you have not surmised as much from previous writings on these pages, I am atheist. Shulie was born into orthodoxy, but by age 25 when Dialectic was published she had become disillusioned with faith. The lady was Jewish only by birth and culture but was otherwise atheist.

How many good Christian Russians did they murder in pretty disgusting circumstances in the Holomdor, the gulag and in the dungeons of the cheka and NKVD. This unholy wretch was cut from the very same cloth.

The Holodomor (correctly spelled) occurred a decade before Shulie was born. Using your logic Billy Graham is responsible for the Crusades… in which good, god loving christians murdered and tortured tens of millions.

”I contend her miserable existance sprung directly from her self loathing.”

The correct spelling is “existence,” and I contend that the only way you will ever understand mental illness is if you pull your head out of your ass.

The rest of your comment is unworthy of response… actually none of your comment was worthy of response. You blame others for hate speech and yet you feel comfortable spewing this offal anonymously in the comment sections of reasonable blogs. Take your silly-assed christianity and your petty religious bigotry elsewhere. Go back to The Blaze comment section where everybody hates someone and nobody can spell. You’d fit well in that crowd.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I apologise for my spelling mistake. I was in a rush. The fact you even brought that up of course reveals more about you than it does me but lets gloss over that for a moment as your personal issues are not my concern.

You credit your blog as being 'reasonable.' In terms of you not censoring my post congratulations. In terms of the content most certainly not. Your lionization of this disgusting creature is most certainly not reasonable. She envisioned that gender, marriage and family would disappear. Reproduction would be divorced from sex; conception would be accomplished through artificial insemination, and gestation would take place outside the body in an artificial womb. She said 'The end goal of feminist revolution must be not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself.'

This is high end talmudic subversion. It is utterly insane. Is this truly the way forward for the human race. Well is it??

You ludicrously claimed my quotes were taken out of context. Utter rot of course. How is this war against nature progress? This book is a diatribe of hate against the human race, against the enduring love between spouses and their children. It is reductionism at its worst. It is a Luciferian doctrine. How can you celebrate the life of someone who advocated this 'temporary dictatorship', pregnant with implied violence and murder of opponents. Your analysis is effectively no different to how the western liberal intelligensia thought Stalin could do no wrong.

Western universities are full of people like Firestone. They hold prestigious positions because the establishment has deliberately subverted western ideals and values. Marriage and family are part of a woman's fulfillment. Patriarchy is healthy and natural yet it is under threat from Marxists who have been funded through NGO's and philanthropic corporatists like Soros and Rockerfeller to destroy family, race and religion. Their ultimate goal is the New World Order where every aspect of life is controlled by a world centralised dictatorship and there is nowhere to hide.

You're a crypto fascist through association and you don't even know it. Firestone was a Talmudic Jew who often are portrayed as atheists but in reality follow a Luciferian doctrine which is the basis behind the New world order. They have a virulent hatred of Christianity and Islam and are parasitical in nature rotting every nation they infest from within by targeting all institutions that hold that nation together. In terms of Firestone her main target was the family. That's why the vast majority of millitant feminists are Jewish just as Multiculturalism is a Jewish concept aimed at destroying nation and race and Marxism/ Communism was Jewish inspired and lead which of course killed more people in the twentieth century than the previous God knows how many. All of course financed by the international bankers in London and New York; the Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Rockerfellers and the Rothschilds. You see you're a stooge. You seriously believe you support women in this grand struggle against the oppression by man and family. In reality you are supporting the true oppression against women that will effectively and ultimately deny them everything truly fulfilling.

Firestone died alone and no one noticed she was gone for longer than a week. The manner of her death is a perfect epitaph to the path she took. I pity her and hope in her final days she came to the realisation that her views were scandalous.

Mule Breath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mule Breath said...
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Mule Breath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mule Breath said...

The deficiencies in your philosophy and apparently in your education are of little concern for me, but your defective personality is at least amusing. From the logical leaps you’ve displayed one could almost assume that you are a graduate of Gordon Winrod’s charm school.

”You credit your blog as being 'reasonable.' In terms of you not censoring my post congratulations.”

And congratulations on your sentence structure, but certainly not your reading comprehension or your honesty. I asked a question, yet instead of answering you employ the use of smoke and mirrors. Therefore I will ask again who it is that you accuse of being a control freak… and what civil liberties are being curtailed?

”Your lionization of this disgusting creature is most certainly not reasonable. She envisioned” etc. etc.

Your bigotry clouds your mind. Reasonable implies the reporting of provable fact without bias, bigotry or myth; cold, hard truth. Hate always distorts truth. Your pitiful diatribes have been evidence of that.

”This is high end talmudic subversion. It is utterly insane.”

A 25-year-old young woman wrote a book. The woman was genius yet obviously borderline schizophrenic. The stuff you rant about and are actually baffled by was not her proposal for the future… it was a euphemistic scenario proposed as the only means by which full equality could be achieved between the sexes.

In her book, Shulie acknowledged that because of human physiology full and complete equality could not be achieved, while at the same time arguing that progress could be made in areas not related to birthing and child rearing.

”You ludicrously claimed my quotes were taken out of context. Utter rot of course.” etc. etc.

The only context maintained by your comment will be found in your hate-filled mind. What you write here is far too similar to some of the shite I’ve seen spread by certain racist, christian, white identity websites, most notably What you write is very nearly a copy and paste of some of William Cooper’s garbage. Cooper (Luciferian doctrine? Wonder if Cooper has had a chance to meet Lucifer yet…) and the authors of on-line venues peddling similar bigoted bullshit are as deluded as you regarding Shulie’s writings… but then I don’t expect they actually read the book either.

As before, the remainder of your deranged babbling is unworthy of comment. Strangely, I do pity you. You sound like an angry and easily deluded young (British?) man busily surfing the internet looking for other folks who will offer some confirmation for your personal bias and resurrecting dog-eared conspiracy theories that you can toss about willy-nilly thinking others to not be as bright at you. When you grow up you will probably figure out that you are not the only one with who can use Google.

Once again I will invite your to take you immature and petty hatreds elsewhere. In this forum we try to maintain at least a small measure of mature, rational conversation.

Take the hint. You are not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Cognitive dissonance old bean. You are incapable of seeing the wood for the trees. You claim to be a libertarian yet you seem to be incapable of appreciating someones Christian faith is a valid tool of resistance to tyranny. Your hatred is palpable, shallow and your target is lousy. You have this ludicrous notion that middle east nations are invaded on religious grounds when it is solely geopolitical financial empire building. Just because Tony Blair (an arch zionist stooge) for instance claims his Christian faith helped him to make the call on Iraq doesn't make Christianity evil. Blair isn't a Christian. He's a new age exponent of the dark arts but he's no Christian. We now live in secular Western nations where religion has no part in that nations decision making. There of course lies the problem. Objective truths are replaced by the atheistic subjective truths of moral collapse. Without a moral compass a nations citizens are incapable of making the right decision.

You seem to have no knowledge that western security services have for years armed, trained and supported either covertly or not, various islamic as well as Christian hate groups and terrorist organisations. Zionism/Judaism is of course a special case. It's divide and conquer. NGO's have recently assisted in this enterprise. Devout Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived in peace in Syria working side by side for generations. Religion is not destroying the country. The importation of foreign terrorist organisations backed by globalist mobsters is destroying them. All lost on you though isn't it. Even Amnesty international now receives huge funding from George Soros's Open society. Their coverage of Syria is not based on objective truth. It is based on expediency, lies and corruption hence their support of the Al Qaeda rebels there. As you appear to have fallen for the clearly fraudulent from the start Kony 2012 NGO movement is it any wonder your judgement is so appalling.

Your arrogance has no merit you know. You seem very cocksure but your words are empty.

P.S My referral to a curtailment of civil liberties was clearly describing the odious Miss Firestone regarding her desire to create a 'temporary dictatorship' to fulfill her quasi fascist wet dream feminist takeover of society with no doubt assorted culling of opponents.

I hear Mr Executive order himself Obama(real father of course marxist agitator frank marshall davis) has a similar hit list for when martial law is declared.

You don't appreciate my views. I don't care. You view the New World order as a racist conspiracy theory. Again that's a reflection on your lack of judgement as to anyone remotely cognisant, the movement towards global centralisation of power is plain for all to see. You talk of a new dark age but your targets are completely impotent. The real enemy is so palpable you can feel and see it's ice cold breath but you refuse to even acknowledge it. If that isn't insanity I don't know what is. Miss Firestone would appreciate your ignorance.

Mule Breath said...

Well, you at least indirectly answered my question about being British... but the rest is a total fail.

Your immature, odious offal will no longer so easily foul this page. You are not banned, but you will at the very least have to fabricate an identity.

How is it that you limeys say it? Bugger off?

We Americans are fond of another phrase... fuck off.