October 25, 2009

Point / Counterpoint


The preacher is David Grice, of the Lighthouse Baptist Church, just down the road from me in Grand Prairie, Texas. This sermon was videoed a little over a year ago.


The video by Edward Current was posted to You Tube at about the same time as preacher Grices’, but there is no apparent connection between the two.





One Fly said...

After suffering through those I can't help to feel better educated in some ares and less educated in bible study.

jbrock said...

I know the preacher in the top one is serious, but please, please tell me that the bottom one is satire.

Aside: I'm actually glad to be (a) nearsighted and (b) too lazy to take off my glasses very much. Were it not so, I'd be walking around in a permanent state of facepalm.

Mule Breath said...

Yes, the second video was satire. I thought it provided just enough farcical response to preacherman Grice.

Kvatch said...

Well...DUH! ;-)