October 1, 2009

While I can't always follow his politics, I must give Montag credit for coming up with some of the damnedest stuff.

His term "Foxsuckers" gave me a giggle.



jbrock said...

Ooohh, that's an oldie. My mom used to sing it. She even had the sheet music for it.

BTW, there's a mistake in the transcription. The word rendered as 'tradition' is actually 'perdition'. Seriously.

Re 'Foxsuckers' ... Heh. Personally I parse their slogan like so: 'Fair (as distinguished from utterly useless even as dark comedy) and balanced (on our right legs).'

montag said...

Wish I could claim Foxsuckers as my own, but I saw it in comments somewhere and it just felt right.