March 12, 2011

Dire straits

Japan is suffering. There are likely thousands dead, many who may never be found. Rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing, aided by governments from around the world. Of great concern now is the Fukushima I nuclear generating station. The facility was badly damaged, and is now leaking radiation.

The extent of the danger is real and Japan has evacuated residents from a 10-kilometer safety zone. That country is very well prepared for catastrophic events, but this was pushing the outer limits of the human capacity for engineering. 

The facility held up well, all things considered, and efforts are under-weigh to prevent any further environmental damage. The news reports, as could be expected, range from comforting to dire.

Econ Times is about the most balanced, offering in-depth analysis of events at Fukushima, giving moment-by-moment details.

South Africa’s NEWS24 tells us that the radiation levels are remaining constant, even diminishing, following an explosion that blew the roof off a building housing a reactor.

The Hindustan Times announces that there is no immediate threat from radiation releases at Fukushima I.

The New York Daily News headlines shriek dire warnings of meltdown, following yesterday’s story of a "death wave" generated "apocalypse."   

If only the news was just the news, without pacifist pandering or the sky is falling fear-mongering. Is that asking too much?

With apologies to Jack Webb… Just the facts, ma’am.



Old NFO said...

And the coverage by and large has sucked... They don't care about the Japanese people per se, they just want the sensationalism...

Mule Breath said...

You are correct about American and much of the European news coverage, NFO. Such garbage seems to be the norm in our environment.

Mule Breath said...
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