March 26, 2011

Music break

A little picking for Saturday.

Stevie Winwood with Eric Clapton performing a Blind Faith tune, Can’t find my way home. Winwood wrote the song and sang lead when it was first released in 1969 on the only album the band ever recorded. The original album art caused a bunch of controversy in the U.S.

The album was later released with an alternate cover, since several large record stores refused to carry original.

The original album had only six tunes, and every one was a hit. My favorite was an 18-minute version of Ginger Baker’s, Do what you like. A later deluxe version of the album was release containing several previously unreleased jam sessions.

I’ll close with a briefer concert version of Do what you like.



montag said...

When the cover art was changed the word was the model was Ginger Baker's underage sister. Is the picture old enough to be considered high art like Charles Dodgson's photos?

Mule Breath said...

Yes, I'd heard that the girl was Baker's sister, but that was just urban legend. The photographer was Bob Seidemann, who had provided artwork for several album covers. The 11-year-old was actually a youngster from Chelsea by the name of Mariora Goschen. She did so with the permission of her parents and was paid 40 Pounds for the shoot.

About 15 years ago the Independent of London ran a story about this and actually interviewed Mariora.If I understand correctly she moved to California and practices some kind of woo peddling (alternative medicine.)