July 7, 2011

A break is what we need

I'm on Casey Anthony overdose.

Why is it that every damn time CNN, FOX, HLN or any of the faux news organizations gets a feather up their butt about some heinous crime or another, we the people are suddenly force fed more speculation than a reasonable person could possibly swallow... and every hour of every newscast is suddenly required to regurgitate that which Nancy Grace has already screeched out on the hour, every hour of the past untold number of weeks?

No wonder the soap operas went away. The daily news gives us all the semi-factual pablum and imaginary drama that we could possibly stomach.

As EBM observed, Nancy Grace's head must have exploded once it was reported that the jury had found Anthony not guilty. Now we find that it wasn't just the fireworks and our dear Nancy we heard blowing up on July 4th. It seems there is an internet petition circulating promoting a new federal law that would effectively make it illegal for a parent not to report the death of a child within 24-hours.

The American people simply don't have enough to do.



Ambulance Driver said...

I haven't seen Nancy Grace so angry since her bumbling henchmen let all those Dalmation puppies escape.

EMSNetwork said...

"new federal law that would effectively make it illegal for a parent not to report the death of a child within 24-hours."
My understanding was that they had to report a *missing* child within 24. Common sense would indicate one would do so, but as we all know, common sense is not so common.
I did pay attention to this case from the very start. I watched the trial, if for no other reason than that I have never served on jury and wanted to learn how all I had absorbed in three years played out in a court of law.
I have to say it went about as I expected, though I did think she would at least get manslaughter.
I have little faith in our courts based on mostly on the fact that 4 years after my granddaughter was gang raped, only two are in jail (after confessing) and two are still out in the world playing the "find the loophole" games with attorneys and a lack of staff at the prosecutors office. Meanwhile, the granddaughter, and immediate family, has not been really able to get on with life.

EMSNetwork said...

PS. Nancy Grace is a vile, useless human being.