July 12, 2011

Weeding out the asses

Doctors Inc.
New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test
Published: July 10, 2011

ROANOKE, Va. — Doctors save lives, but they can sometimes be insufferable know-it-alls who bully nurses and do not listen to patients. Medical schools have traditionally done little to screen out such flawed applicants or to train them to behave better, but that is changing.

An interesting concept that is perhaps long overdue. Read the full story HERE.

Next we need to do similar for nursing training...



Old NFO said...

God, what a novel concept!!! And yeah, they need to do that with nurses too!

ZerCool said...

That's fantastic.

I've chewed on more than one medical "professional" who stopped listening to me or treated me as just another number in the system. Either their behavior changes and we continue on much better terms, or I find a new sawbones.

Old Weird Libra said...

I think a patient's failure to insist that the doctor listen comes back to our early brainwashing about authority figures. Perhaps freethinking could help remedy this, along with helping to question others who claim omnipotence.

Mule Breath said...

Old joke...

Q. What is the difference between God and a doctor?

A. God doesn't think he is a doctor.