April 3, 2009

Bad Data = Bad Law

My friend TOTWTYTR and I have agreed on damn little through the years, and when we did it was on the topic of food… or sometimes guns. I say sometimes because TO is so far on the right wing of things that his fingernails are the only thing keeping him anchored to the starboard edge of a flat Earth.

Now that I have my dig in, let me point you toward a pretty good ramble by TO. Even though he couches it in the recognizable jargon of a fanatic, he makes a point… and is, for the most part, correct.

Of course I do disagree on some of his pedantry, but the facts he bolgs about are true. It matters not which side of the political spectrum you fall, the truth should matter.



Anonymous said...

Good link. I seem to have the same POV as yours.

Mule Breath, said...

TOTTYTR is a friend. We pointedly disagree on ALL things political, and we've a nearly 20 year history of disagreements on many things EMS ... but overall he isn't all that bad a guy ... for a Yankee.