April 20, 2009

The Right gets it Wrong Again

The scandalously left-wing Think Progress reports on the following:

This morning, in an interview with MSNBC morning anchor Meredith Vieira, Newt Gingrich got it wrong again. The following is an exchange regarding a question on the Obama/Chavez meeting, the handshake and smile:

VIEIRA: But do you think he should not be trying to mend relationships with other world leaders?

GINGRICH: How do you mend relationships with somebody who hates your country, who actively calls for the destruction of your country and who wants to undermine you?

VIEIRA: But we certainly have mended relationships with countries that have hated us in the past. Russia comes to mind, China comes to mind.

GINGRICH: But we didn’t rush over, smile, and greet Russian dictators. We understood who they were.

Well, old Newt is a former history professor and should know better, but obviously knowing better and speaking truth don’t connect for Mr. Gingrich.

The Nixon photo dates to 1973. Shrub’s photo with Putin was taken June 16, 2001. In fact, the only American President not photographed grinning with a Ruskie in hand over the past 40 years is Jimmy Carter.

Watch the video here:

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Mark said...

The more I see, the more solidly convinced I become that the Right isn't "getting it wrong", the Right is wilfully lying it's collective faces off, ignoring any facts that don't support their position.

You expect that to a certain degree from any politicians, but the Republican party and it's colloids appear to have utterly jetissioned any respect for reality.

I guess it's the Crazy Years.