February 26, 2010


I've been snooping around for a gunsight. My bifocals are making the use of a scope progressively more difficult, so I'm interested in alternatives. I don't hunt much anymore and most of my needs are for shorter ranges, usually under 100 yds.

One of the items catching my attention is red dot sights. These seem a bit urban warfareish, and there is very little magnification, but maybe one would suit my needs for a short-range plinking and semi-urban varmint dispatching.

In reading and surfing I've found loads of these sights in a variety of price ranges, but not all that many reviews or user evaluations upon which to establish an opinion.

I discussed my ideas briefly with JayG over at MArooned. Jay admitted he had little experience with this kind of sight, and since he couldn't figure out how to mount a bayonet to one he didn't have much to offer. Jay offered one good suggestion, and opined that the more expensive sights probably cost more than they were worth in my situation. He suggested that cheap is good enough for this variety of sight.

I like cheap. Cheap is good, so I've been comparing prices. For the moment I've set my sights (pun) on the NcStar D4RGS; a 4-reticle red/green dot sight. If nothing negative surfaces, that is likely going to be my purchase. But I sure would like to hear what someone with a little knowledge might have to say.

So, I thought I'd toss it to the sharks. Any opinions? Suggestions?


Ambulance Driver said...

For what you're looking for, BSA makes some decent red dot sights. In fact, I had a BSA that is a virtual twin to that NcStar, and cost around $40. It worked well on my AR15.

Unfortunately, I already gave it to our ultra-conservative Yankee friend. ;)

Go by the Cheaper Than Dirt store in Foat Wuth. They've got lots of choices in your price range.

Old NFO said...

BSA is good, I don't know anything about the NCStar though... I use a Trijcon, but they are a little pricey...

old weird libra said...

I love the idea of browsing at a store called Cheaper Than Dirt, but you don't give any address or other information about it. As Mule Breath well knows, I buy items I will never use, but of course he never does.

Mule Breath said...

Oh lordy lordy, AD, you've created a monster!