February 27, 2010

Overnight music thread

The haunting guitar magic of Jeff Beck

At the 2001 Montreaux Jazz Festival, performing the Beatles great... A day in the life.

Same tune, but from 2007 at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, with Jimmy Page sitting out front watching. Maybe Page learned something

Pay attention to the bass player in this video of the same tune, taken at the Crossroads 2007 Guitar festival in Chicago. Her name is Tal Wilkenfeld. Tal is from the land of OZ, and she was 21 years old when she played this concert with Beck. She is probably the most talented young bassist on the modern rock scene.

Going back to 2004, Beck reunites with his old partner, Eric Clapton here in Texas at the Crossroads Guitar Festival. The song is Cause we've ended as lovers...

This song, first released by Beck on the album Blow by Blow, was first recorded by Stevie Wonder on an album that was never released. It was written by Stevie as a tribute to his wife, Syreeta. Stevie offered it to his friend Jeff Beck as an apology for releasing the song "Superstition" first. Beck took it and turned it into a haunting melody, dedicating the song to guitarist and old friend, Roy Buchanan. In the album liner notes Beck writes, "Thanks Stevie.

Here Beck is on the same tune, and again with Tal at the 2007 Chicago Crossroads festival.

Thanks to my Cold-Country girlfriend for the muse. Here's a big kiss for you, Valerie.