February 26, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Mitchel & Webb. Some funny stuff.

There is another good one but the embed function disabled. You can go to the You Tube site and view it, HERE.

H/T Montag



Old NFO said...

Yep, they are all 'humorous' kinda sorta... :-)

OldWeirdLibra said...

I do enjoy the Sunday funnies, but have you noticed that your collection seems to have grown every week? Have you considered culling them a little? (Plus, some of us don't recognize all the unlabeled faces. Dumb of us, of course.)

Mule Breath said...

NFO, you know of course, that I fully expect at least some of my comics will offend most anyone who views them. ;)

Libra, with the exception of those not intended to represent anyone in particular,the only two unidentified characters in this group of comics were President Obama and former Vice President Cheeny. And no, I wouldn't dream of culling. There is just too many people so badly needing ridicule.