May 31, 2010

Foxsuckers R' Funny

This is so ridiculous that it should probably be included with my Sunday Funnies. 

Joe McGinniss may be acting silly and behaving badly by renting that house, but the man shown on that balcony, even in the most drug-induced hallucination, isn't posing any threat. Binoculars? Don't see any. Looks like he's on the phone. Even my bad eyes can see he's facing the opposite direction. 

So help me out here... how many of Mercedes' and Kelly's insane charges would apply not just to Joe McGinniss, but to any renter in that particular house? 

Looking in her windows? Yep anyone could, if she had them open.

Seeing the children in the pool? Yep, anybody looking that way.

Overhearing conversations in the back yard? If they were loud enough, yep.

Intruding on private affairs? Aw, give me a break. The houses are next door to each other.

The bimbo even went to the point of predicting McGinniss would be watching through the imaginary binoculars. 

Bloody hell. What a maroon.