November 9, 2012

Bible thumpers in the news

"Questioned by Engle, he said he gave tracts to “unsaved children” without asking their parents’ permission. 'My intention is to get them saved and to get them discipled,' Garisto said."

A United Airlines flight from Denver has landed safely in Washington, D.C., after its crew reported an emergency due to a passenger reportedly praying in an aisle.

Gotta wonder how much that took out of the military budget... and who will pay for it.

"The Boeing 757 jet had a military escort into Dulles, after the emergency declaration."

Let me see... where was it I read that line about state sponsored religions?
"...the borough and council have violated Tearpock-Martini’s civil rights by forcing her to support a religion and denying her the right to protest the actions of government. She seeks unspecified damages for each of five counts, including violation of her right to due process and freedom of speech."