November 20, 2012

We can't fund public education or womens health, but...

Guv. Goodhair's cronies always seem to get their own palms greased.

From the Dallas Morning News...
"The state’s $3 billion program to fight cancer has come under increased scrutiny after its chief scientist and dozens of advisers stepped down this year, alleging that methods for awarding grants have been compromised.

our new investigation of The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, we report that millions from the agency flowed to two firms founded by political contributor and Dallas businessman David Shanahan.

A month after Texas voters in 2007 approved the state’s 10-year, $3 billion program Shanahan and several of his associates began to pour tens of thousands of dollars into the campaign funds of Gov. Rick Perry and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst."
Goodhair and the rest of the Texas Republican big chunks steered upwards of $12.8 Million to their own political backers, and did so for chump change contributions. Yes, $50K in exchange is a classic example of buy low, sell high. You can't get much lower than a Republican in Texas these days.

This story has legs, and I hope those legs will help boot the ethically challenged "leaders" out of office.

The November 17th Dallas Morning News investigative report is HERE, and the November 19th follow-up HERE. There is an earlier report on October 23rd by the Fort Worth Star Telegram HERE, followed by Goodhair's response the next day. Since the DMN piece appeared none of our  erstwhile dirty tricksters have been available for comment.



Old NFO said...

Not really surprised, Pubs/Dems it makes NO difference when $$ are involved...

Mule Breath said...

Exactly. The one in power is the one with the greasy palm... more often than not.