November 16, 2012

The shallow end

These secession petitions popping up on the We The People, site are an interesting phenomena. Currently there are 68 petitions with every state represented… some more than once. In fact there are 41 petitions from 25 red states and 36 from 26 blue states.

Democrat leaning California, Illinois, New Mexico and New York have two each while Ohio and Virginia three. Republican Alaska, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Utah each have two while Georgia and Missouri have raised three.

States with highest participation are North Dakota with 1.59%, Wyoming with 1.46%, and Montana at 1.27%... all red states. States with the fewest signatures as a percentage of population are Republican leaning Missouri at 0.023 and North Carolina at 0.020, with always blue California making a significantly inconsequential showing at 0.002%.

With over 110 thousand signatures, Texas surpasses all other states by a factor of three and is actually the most popular petition on the White House site. Funny thing is that two Texas cities have raise petitions to secede from Texas yet remain part of the U.S.A. One of these cities, Austin, raised more than double the signatures by population than Texas raised as a state.

Lots of questions as to the validity of these petitions. How many duplicate signatures? How many spoof signatures from people thinking the idea is ludicrous? How many signed by folks not from that particular state and how many of them voted on multiple petitions?

To my mind all of this is hate-centered garbage and the sarcastic response to perceived stupidity. It should feel right at home alongside the 9/11 truthers, chem-trail conspiracy theorists and homeopothists.



Jeremy Brock said...

How many spoof signatures from people thinking the idea is ludicrous? How many signed by folks not from that particular state ...

[Raises hand] I'd probably fit both those categories: A non-Texan with, well, mixed feelings about the idea of Texas secession. I would hate to lose Austin, though ... Which is why I also 'signed' the petition for Austin to remain in the Union.

Of course if I thought for a millisecond that any of these silly things were worth the paper they're (not) written on, I'd have thought twice.

On the other hand, I'll admit to not having resolved all the questions in my own mind as to whether Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Montana (just for example) belong in the same nation.

Old NFO said...

I'm betting ALL those signatures will end up in a DHS database by Christmas...Y'all won... Now DO SOMETHING productive!

Mule Breath said...

"Y'all won"

Seriously NFO? There were no winners in this election and I think you know that. If anything will get done will now depend upon Bohner, McConnell et al figuring out that four years of obstructionism didn't achieve the desired result. Compromise is the lifeblood of the nation, and those guys spent four years choking off that lifeblood. The plan failed.

In this climate the imperative for maintaining the White House had less to do with getting something done than stopping some of the crap the other side was trying to do (ie xian social engineering). Now that the dike is plugged maybe we can actually start working on the economy.

Mule Breath said...

If the right wants the Democrats to "DO SOMETHING" then the right had better do something with the likes of Joel Richardson. So long as these faux xian hatemongers have an audience there is little hope for ANYONE to be able to get ANYTHING done.

Old NFO said...

So what about Reid and Pelosi??? I guess they are purer than driven snow, right??? You got what you wanted, the ball is now in your court!

Mule Breath said...

There is no ball and I have no court. What about Reid and Pelosi? I've seen "your side" point fingers at them for years yet nobody has ever successfully described what exactly it is they are complaining about.

If you want something done it will be up to "your side" to participate in a process that they have for four years refused to participate in. If they don't then the other side won't get anything done.

I have no "side." Spend some time visiting with some of our mutual friends and you will know that to be true. Supporting Obama was a purely defensive maneuver.