March 22, 2010

Monday music

As noted in my headlines yesterday, Johnnie High died from complications of CHF on Wednesday, at the age of 80. Johnnie was a performer himself, but was known more as a nurturer of talent. He established his Country Music Revue in 1974, offering a live Saturday night, Grand Ole Opry style show in Grapevine, Texas. In 1994 the show moved to the Arlington Music Hall, where it remains today. If you're ever in the area looking for some good, wholesome entertainment, drop on by.

This past Saturday the show was cancelled for Johnnies funeral services, but next week, with Johnnie's granddaughter, Ashley Smith, as host, the show will go on. In his honor I thought I’d offer a few videos from the show, and others of Johnnie’s success stories.

This up-and-coming your artist, Casey Hardin, is being introduced by Johnnie’s co-host and granddaughter, Ashley Smith.

The Country Music Review hosted a regular “All About Kids” program. The little girl in this video is Presley Elise at age 6. The young fellow is 11 year-old Camron Dean, who performs as a regular on the show.

Steve Holy is a local kid (Dallas) made good. A talented pianist with a great voice.

This young artist is both beautiful and talented. Lea Ann Womack – what a set of lungs…

The Dixie Chicks pissed a bunch of people off with one little statement onstage, but the quality of their talent can’t be denied.

Two videos of Gary Morris, who proved to be a most versatile artist. The CMA award winner has recorded duets with some of country’s biggest stars, and sometimes steps slightly out of country music bounds. First the country, then a bit of the unusual…

To close out this episode of Monday Music with the respect Johnnie High richly deserves, here is LeAnn Rimes.