March 21, 2010

The Reading Room

If you take a glance over to my left sidebar you’ll notice something new. I’ve added an Amazon search box.

As I’ve played with this medium there are a few things I’ve learned. One is that I don’t particularly like advertising embedded in a blog. Even sidebar ads can be distracting. Of course I understand that some bloggers need to make a living, but folks like me do this as a hobby. Advertising income isn’t really necessary.

However, if I can make a few pennies from Amazon each time someone runs a search from my little search box, and it doesn’t cost you anything to do it, I didn’t figure it would hurt.

Another feature you’ll notice on the left sidebar is THE READING ROOM. This is a two-fold scheme. Primary is my recommendations for certain books I’ve read and enjoyed, and would like to encourage you to read. Doing this in the fashion I have also allows me to earn a few pennies from Amazon, while again not costing you anything extra. Just click on the book to visit the Amazon page and make your purchase.

Y’all let me know if this is out of line, and also use the email link at the top of the page to make reading suggestions for me. I’m always on the lookout for some new material.



jbrock said...

I don't think it's out of line at all. I find your posts interesting and thought-provoking; it stands to reason that your library would be likewise.

Come payday, I'll be clicking on a couple of those links from the Reading Room. Thank you for putting them up.

Old NFO said...

Makes sense to me MD... I'll use the link, thanks.