March 27, 2010

The week in Headlines

Smart guy behaving stupidly, now he pays the price

Other times it pays to act stupidly

Google finally pulls their head out, and gets out

From Resident Fellow to homeless – AEI don’t need no stinkin’ turncoats

Cantor isn’t just obnoxious – he lies!

We overreacted, and resistance builds quickly, but H1N1 still a problem

Gotta get that bust - Ethics still a problem for narco-police

Gotta get that boy? Ethics are a problem for Popes too. Maybe this one should move on

RIP: Robert Culp

"Offensive, crude, and irreverent, but the show will go on...

... or will it? So tell me again... we're different from the Muslims exactly how?

Is it possible one of the missing WASPS has been found?



Old NFO said...

An interesting list... thanks!