March 3, 2010

The Obligation to Bear Arms

Doctor Zero, writing a piece for Hot Air, does a real good job explaining 2A rights and the reason for an armed citizenry.

"The right to protect yourself, and your family, from injury and death is an essential part of your dignity as a free man or woman. Without the First Amendment, you are a slave. Without the Second, you are a child.

The Western nations which have abandoned this essential understanding of an individual’s right to self-defense have become rotting orphanages filled with dependent children. They’re not dealing very well with the invasion of a determined ideology that has complete confidence in its own righteousness, and few reservations about using violence to assert itself. Losing the dignity of self-defense is part of the degeneration from master of the State to its client. As this dignity fades, the people and their government speak less of responsibilities, and more of entitlements."

Read the whole article HERE.



Bulrush said...

If you want a pair of bear arms on the wall, you should have one.