July 21, 2014

Live blogging a partial thickness burn

The event occurred about 20:00 Hrs. 11-July. This series of photographs begins the following afternoon as initial bandages were removed. Although not updated daily, the progression of the burn and effects of treatment remain pretty obvious.

The blistering seen in the next several photos was not evident on day one. Once the initial bandages were removed these more than doubled in size.

A very clear demarcation line is evident from this view, indicating the kind of shoe the patient was wearing. As you can see, there is little in the way of blisters.

A day later the demarcation is even more evident and large blisters have appeared on the toes and above the shoe line.

A trip to the clinic to have the blisters debrided resulted in copious fluids on the floor. The physician told a nurse that it looked like someone had urinated. 

A day later the debriding progresses. 

Two days later the debriding is nearly completed. Notice that area which had initially appeared uninvolved is now scraped to the dermis. Also notice the small white patch of near-full thickness burn just distal to the knee. 

The other leg/foot had some small involvement as well. 

Another day passes and another dressing change. Inflammation is more evident and the extremity has become grossly edematous.

11 days post injury the rehabilitation continues. Weeping appeared less pronounced at the dressing change. Pain levels are somewhat diminished but still dependent on medication. Edema remains constant. 



July 20, 2014

Sunday Funnies