February 24, 2012

Girl Scouts couldn't ask for better advertising

If you read it on the internet it's gotta be true... right?

“My family and I took a view and we’re sticking by it,” Morris said Tuesday, adding that his daughters were joining an alternative group for young girls run by conservative Christians. “My girls are no longer Girl Scouts. They’re now going to join American Heritage Girls.”

Morris’ comments were the butt of jokes inside the House on Tuesday, with Bosma spending much of the day handing out Thin Mints to lawmakers. He joked that Morris’ comments led him to buy hundreds of cases of the famous Girl Scout cookies.

Morris has ushered his spawn off to an indoctrination camp more suitable to his whacko politics. This exemplifies what the religious, "Conservative" shift in America has allowed to rise to the top. Like my daddy used to say about Republican politics... "It's like the old cesspool out there. The biggest chunks rise to the top."

Thank you, Tea Party. Nothing else needs be said.