February 14, 2012

Observations of a moderate Democrat

There are some within Congress who act as if it would be a better fate for the United States to collapse in ruin than to allow for even the possibility of a second Obama term.

"I’m sure every member of Congress believes they are doing the right thing, but too many see this as a zero-sum game, where winning requires that the other side loses."

The reining suicide bomber of the House is Eric Cantor (R-VA). In this opinion piece appearing in The Hill, Rep. Dennis A. Cardoza (D-CA) illustrates how one man's petty jealousy has helped lead to the lowest public confidence levels in history, and why the Republicans are their own worst enemy.

"Boehner is captive to this rivalry only because he has no choice but to constantly watch his back. Cantor feeds and exploits the most radical factions in the Republican Caucus, and his jealousy often mires his caucus in ideological impotence. Of course, Democrats are always grateful!"

Events have turned, and because of Cantor's childishness the majority GOP House is being held accountable for the lack of progress its mulishness has caused. Speaker Boehner may be getting tired of it.

"Notably, the offer was issued by both House Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican, and his deputy Eric Cantor, who has often taken a more hardline approach in budget negotiations with Democrats over the past year."

Democrats know what happened, and Rep. Cardoza was being very kind in his The Hill piece. Others have not been so kind (love the photo, Kirsten), and I figure the voters won't be all that kind to the Grand Old Party come November. With a bit of good luck the voters in Cantor's district will recognize how one man's pettiness has very possibly wrecked the House GOP majority, and most certainly prolonged the economic quagmire.

His efforts now appear to have failed, and Mr. Cantor and his Tea Party faction owe a severe debt to a bunch of Americans who have suffered needlessly for the sake of one man's ambition and the focused ignorance of his misguided supporters.