February 17, 2012

More abusive, authoritarian cop behavior

The cops have really been on a roll over the past few years. Wonder if it has anything to do the the Patriot Act...

"The audio recording (below) shows Fiorino, 25, being confronted by a Philadelphia police officer about carrying a gun in public. Fiorino is allowed to open carry in the city, but the officers appear completely ignorant of their own directives and became increasingly hostile to Fiorino’s effort to show them that he was lawfully carrying the weapon."

But thanks to that oft demonized American Civil Liberties Union, this one is going to court... and the City of Brotherly Love likely will feel the pain. Gun owners should take not too.

"For those on the right who criticize the ACLU, the case is also a reminder of the work that this organization does for all citizens regardless of their politics or views."

Exactly. For the ACLU the mission is about protecting individual rights. Consider this in the future, please, before excoriating the organization for standing up and defending folks you don't like for doing things you don't care for... even when it doesen't affect you.



Old NFO said...

Bout damn time they stood up for gun rights!!!

Mule Breath said...

If one studies their record, this is far from the first time. Some of the membership are do not agree that this is what they should be doing, but the mission is to protect liberty... so they do.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Police Officers need to be more trained in law and less tasked as the final catch-all for societies problems.

This doesn't excuse ignorant over-reaction as I've known officers who don't have any other situational control mechanism other than Shouting and Displays of Authority, but explains why officers are not well versed enough in laws.

Society gives lawyers and judges weeks, months and years to parse legal minutiae but expect cops to handle it in a split second.

Mule Breath said...

Astute observation Gene, and I agree that if we had any real educational or psych standards in place for cops things might be different.

Sans education and because mentally less-then-balanced individuals find no difficulty securing the authority of a badge and a gun, "ignorant over-reaction" is inevitable.

The minority in law enforcement who have #1 a balanced demeanor and #2 any sort of educational foundation have no hope of outweighing the overwhelming number who operate from some sort of self-righteousness without rational thought. Imposing a personal worldview becomes a right granted by the badge.

It is this majority of cops who spoil the concept with their "Shouting and Displays of Authority"