February 4, 2012

Boys will be Boys -- W. Virginia edition

This is a story that at one time might have elicited the comment, "Only in Texas..."

Except that it didn't happen at A&M as one might have expected... it happened at Marshall University, Chief Justice John Marshall's namesake college in Huntington, West Virginia.

These are perhaps our next generation of physicians, cancer researchers and educators. Marshall is alma mater to Soupy Sales and Billy Crystal, so maybe these fellows are striving for a career in show business instead. They seem to have the act down.

"Louis Helmburg III sued The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Inc., of Huntington, West Virginia, and Travis Hughes, a fraternity member, in Cabell County Court.

Helmburg claims - in a statement it would be difficult to deny - that 'firing bottle rockets out of one's own anus constitutes an 'ultra-hazardous' activity,' which exposes both defendants to strict liability."

You just know that when the plaintiff and defense attornies get together for a drink over at "the Whale" after business hours, that they laugh hilariously over cases just such as this one.



Old NFO said...

LOL, idjits... Any bets alcohol was involved???