February 1, 2012

Yep, we're full of it

Read the wingnut rags or watch FOX news today and we'll find that we've been wrong all along. All this global warming stuff is just bunk. Alas! What fools we've been!

2010 may have been the hottest year this planet has experienced since such records have been kept, but then in 2011 we cooled down! 2011 was only the ninth warmest year in history. That is all the proof they needed to take us down a notch. We've been trusting all those thousands of greedy scientists when if we had just listened to Limbaugh, Beck and O'Reilly we wouldn't have had to worry our pretty little heads.

Oh, wait! The temperature spread between 2010 and 2011 is 0.22 degrees, meaning that nine out of the ten warmest years in history (all of which have occurred since 2000) are within two tenths of a percent of each other.

Still, last year was cooler so FOX, some of the other Murdochians and their buddies must be right.



Old NFO said...

Of note, they do not assign blame for the CO2, which I find interesting... The oceans are cooling while the poles are rising.