October 23, 2009

Link offered without comment

Gentle reader. Please visit the following link at your own risk. At the least I would advise not attempting to imbibe while reading. Your keyboard and monitor will thank you.

It may be farcical, but this isn't a joke. See the PDF at Freed v Haynes.

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Lockwood said...

I think injured parties should have the right to payments for their loss and suffering, but this is near the top of my list for frivolous lawsuits. What a dork. ;)

Mule Breath said...

Well Lockwood, we can certainly agree that this is frivolous, and I'm with you to a large degree regarding the right to sue for loss or damages. Unfortunately too many Americans see the tort as a well of fortune. Even a good system loses effect when it becomes too susceptible to abuse.

Of course the right's answer is to eliminate torts, which is also a bad system. Difficult to walk the middle in this debate, but we can agree that this particular case is an attempt to abuse the system, I think.

Anonymous said...

Wow. He sues because of discomfort most likely caused by buying underwear a size too small? Well, my eyes enjoyed their little roll around the place..

TOTWTYTR said...

I know a joke about this. Remind me to tell it to you are our next get together.