May 24, 2010

Monday Music

For anyone who might be wondering, Jerry Samuels is alive, well, and living on the East Coast. He runs a talent agency in the Delaware Valley.

Don’t recognize the name? Jerry is a former singer-songwriter with a one-time top-10 hit song and huge album sales. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of his work…

Don’t recognize that one? Well, maybe this one is more familiar.

Still no? Lets try another…

Or this one?

Okay, by now surely you’ve figured out that Jerry is also known as Napoleon XIV, but perhaps you still don’t know this rather creative dude. As I said earlier, he had only the one hit. In 1966, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” hit number 3 on Billboard’s top 10.

If you don’t know this one you’ve lived a seriously sheltered life.


Old Weird Libra said...

Even this seriously sheltered OWL had heard and quoted that one, though I didn't know the group that did it. (As you know, I can't sing, but I could, and did, recite.) Thanks.

Suzan said...

I knew it.

I knew it!

Thanks for the early morning laugh.



I did know all the words.