July 7, 2010

Wonder where they are now

This past winter was a rough one. Snow, colder than average temperatures earlier in the year, extended cold snaps, more snow. Some areas recorded record cold and some areas (including my own) experienced snow depths never before seen. The upper midwest and east coast suffered under the effects of major blizzards, one right after the other.

The climate change deniers had a field day with the weather. FAUX news and the winger blogs were positively dripping with snark. Some bloggers that I know to be very bright climbed on the bandwagon as well, behaving like sock puppets and echoing the winger party line. I'll never understand how viral politics can cause otherwise intelligent individuals to become shrieking, science-denying harpies. 

Now, on the heels of the winter cold weather and snow, we are suddenly seeing summertime record heat. In May and June Texas suffered the hottest temperatures on record for that early in the year, and now July comes with the east coast sweltering under a 4-day, chart topping heat wave. We still have two months of solid summer. To be this hot, this early, bodes poorly for the remainder of the season.

So I wonder where the clowns are now... and I wonder if they will ever figure out the difference between weather and climate.


One Fly said...

hell no they won't