August 30, 2010

Stone age thinking

Ambulance Driver just posted an interesting link. One of AD's Facebook friends is a gay EMT who has been in a committed relationship for several years. This friend has a blog too, and had posted a message about a recent experience with a Baton Rouge company by the name of Southern Style Granite. From the sounds of things, the owners of of Southern Style Granite are still living in the stone age.

As the story goes, a gay couple entered Southern Style Granite seeking to purchase products for the home. This couple was rudely confronted by one of the owners and told to leave. Southern Style Granite is seems does not do business with "your kind." 

As AD points out, this can't be the best thing for business. Especially for a business selling stone countertops and such... products that might be ordered by interior decorators. One must wonder if this neanderthal realizes how many interior decorators happen to be gay. 

Of course the neanderthal and his (apparently) slightly less rude co-owner/brother have the right to think any way they wish and do business any way they desire. But the public has the right to not do business with neanderthals too.

So... please link to this posting, to AD's or go to the horse's mouth and and link to RJW's blog post. Lets raise this kind of bigotry to #1 status in the search engines. An informed consumer is a wise consumer. 

My intention is to update this post with links to any of yours of which I become aware, so give me a shout.


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Rogue Medic said...

Thank you for providing an updated linking of those writing about this and for including me. I have updated my own links.