December 9, 2010

Louisiana is smarter than Texas

Texas, Kentucky and Louisiana have been in a close race to see who can out-stupid whom. It's official...for now at least...that Louisiana is smarter than Texas.

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Schools voted 8-2 today to approve new biology textbooks that creationists relentlessly attacked because of their coverage of evolutionary science. Today’s vote represents a huge setback for religious-right pressure groups like the Louisiana Family Forum, which demanded that the textbooks include creationist ideology based on junk science.

The Louisiana Coalition for Science, which championed sound education throughout the debate,has more here. The National Center for Science Education has details here.

The anti-science religionists are working to keep Texas in last place, but Kentucky is still in the running neck and neck with South Carolina, with neither very far behind.



Old NFO said...

Good for them! :-)