January 25, 2011

Governor Goodhair sure has Helen stirred up

And well she should be. Every Texan should be stirred up. The crap this Governor has elevated to emergency status is beyond imagination. 

Texas is facing a $27 billion budget shortfall, the balancing of which will inevitably cripple public schools, post secondary education, the ability of nursing homes to care for the elderly, and even of the highway department's ability to repair roads. The first budget proposal calls for cutting 9,600 state jobs, and will undoubtably to the loss of thousands more due to collateral damage to private sector industries and support services.

But this is not an emergency, according to Rick Perry. He just kind of brushes it aside and gives another speech railing against Washington excesses. Goodhair pretends the true emergencies in Texas don't exist, and that he and his wingnut cronies are not responsible for anything.

But what does Goodhair call an emergency deserving of the full and undivided attention of our state legislature? ...a bill requiring every woman seeking an abortion to view a sonogram of the fetus.

Helen does not understand. Texas is crumbling around our ears and Goodhair is only concerned with social issues. Read Helen's commentary HERE first, and be sure to read the comments. There are some doozies. Then read HERE where Helen addresses one of those comments. 




randompawses said...

Governor Goodhair is a freaking moron and I thank FSM that I do NOT live anywhere near his state!

And thank you for introducing me to Helen's blog, she just gained another follower!

Old NFO said...

Good point. Helen pretty much nails it.

Old Weird Libra said...

Thanks for the link to Helen, and for the reminder to read the comments, even though I found the comments so interesting that reading them probably added expensive minutes to my internet use. And just think, Rick Perry may run for president! With an electorate dumb enough to put Dubya in the White House, could it happen again? (Oh, I forgot. Not the electorate but SCOTUS put him there.)