September 22, 2011

Back the blue? Back the red?

This is going to be an analogy stretch, but let me ask a strange question… What do America’s cops have in common with America’s Republicans?


Both are noble institutions that have developed malignancies. The difference is that the cancer in the Republican Party is much more advanced and is threatening the life of the host. Democrats experienced similar phenomena in the 70’s, but managed to recognize the disease and worked to eliminate or marginalize the bad actors.

Cops, on the other hand, have a chance. If those guys will simply recognize that there are bad actors within the ranks and do something about it, they can possibly salvage the host. To some degree they do just that… but not in this case.

The following story from the Orange County Register tells a tale of cops gone wrong, and as a sidebar it also provides more evidence of why cops should not be allowed the use of Tasers. (Are you still reading, RM?)

The evil that was inflicted on Kelly Thomas by some of Orange County’s finest was not detected and corrected from within by fellow officer; it was determined to be a heinous violation of law and human rights by those on the outside looking in. The Blue closed ranks to defend one of their own from the indefensible …

Orange County prosecutors charged a Fullerton police officer with murder on Wednesday, saying he launched a lethal assault on a homeless man with the words: “My fists … are getting ready to F*** you up.”

There are lessons to be learned here.