October 25, 2011

FOXsuckers take one on the chin

The climate change deniers have taken yet another hit. Kevin Drun, writing for Mother Jones describes how the FOX News and Koch brothers supported physicist who previously had criticized researchers, provided ammunition to the deniers and testified before Congress that there were shortcomings in current data... has had a bit of a course reversal. Having now done his own research, UC Berkley's Robert Muller has discovered that...

"... climate scientists know what they're doing after all"


Kernut the Blond said...

FOX got something wrong? Shocking. (<--- dripping with sarcasm)

Mule Breath said...

There is good reason for the term "FOXsuckers." Agenda driven programs are not news regardless of what they call themselves. This is unfortunately true of CNN and the major networks as well. Hard to find real news anymore.

Sending you a private email if I can find the address again.