December 19, 2011

Behaving badly

The so called "conservatives" want to be able to tell you how you should behave, but then they behave...


Shorter Aidan Burley, conservative British MP, when photographed departing a stag party in France accompanied by another man dressed as a Nazi SS officer…“I could have left in complete disgust but I noticed it was only 7pm, so I figured I was good to go.”


American conservative Bill Johnson, bible pounding, anti-gay former candidate for Governor of Alabama, married to a two-time Ms. America contestant… volunteering his services as a “sperm donor” to six and maybe nine New Zealand women (some of them lesbians in committed relationships) and knocking up three so far… all of this outside the law and without knowledge of his wife. Johnson has been paying “support” to the pregnant women.  He hadn't told the current wife about his philanthropy, but  “I was going to tell her when my kids were born.”


Then of course there my own home boy… good old Guv. Goodhair. Ol’ Rick, having spent the past several years chastising Texas teachers and changing laws so that they couldn’t take advantage of a means to make a few more bucks in the same manner Texas politicos had been doing for years… took the dip himself and padded his annual paycheck by $92K. He was already drawning about $150K from the dry well.

Rick, in case your memory needs refreshing, this state is suffering from a $32 Billion shortfall directly related to 11 years of you and six years of the shrub before YOU. GOPers took over the Legislature in 2002 and we’ve listened to that flushing sound since... the well is going dry but you're damn sure you are first in line to get your bucket full. Screw the teachers and working poor, right?

Other than a summer peddling books door to door and a hitch in the Air Force you have never worked an honest job in your life, entering politics as a Democrat at the age of 34. Since becoming Governor you’ve trashed healthcare, pandered to the insurance companies so that Texans now pay the highest premiums for some of the crappiest coverage of any state in the union, shit on teachers for so long that we are now vying for top billing in high school dropout rate and adults without high school diplomas, have more people working for minimum wage than any other state…

Your "Texas miracle"brought business to the state and created jobs, so that wage earners who once kept their families comfortable are now working two or three of your new jobs just trying to save the mortgage. Most of Texas is going broke... except for you and your cronies. Strangely enough you entered the Governor’s mansion with assets of only a couple hundred thousand… and now you’re a millionaire. Gotta wonder just how that could have happened. Just lucky I guess.

And now you have the gall to do that old dirty double dip that you’ve demonized common, hard working teachers for doing. You'll never be President, and with this kind of shit finally making the news we can all hope that even the crazy bible pounders in east and west Texas aren't crazy enough to reelect you here.




One Fly said...

It's no bullshit - this is the way these people are.

And Merca bleats for more of the same.

Old NFO said...

Sad, but all true... there are NO winners in this bunch...